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Every home, regardless of material will need


Water is nature's ever-persistent destroyer of homes, many times it goes sight-unseen until it is too late and thousands in damage is caused. Ulsh & Co Masonry Restoration is well-versed in all areas of Masonry waterproofing & coatings to protect your home or property.

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Besides replacement, caulking is an excellent alternative!

Caulking is a rubber sealant that can be used to seal gaps and cracks in various materials, such as stone. The caulk seals the material from moisture, which can lead to cracks or erosion. In some cases, caulking is used as a waterproofing agent for porous surfaces like stone walkways or patios. This allows for water to be diverted and for any cracks in the surface of the material being sealed to remain dry.

Image by Harpal Singh
Image by Jens Lindner

The right material for the right application is paramount.

Caulking is typically applied in situations where there is water seeping out at the joint between two surfaces, such as a stone walkway that has become cracked or broken. The caulking will fill any gaps and block any leaks, and will seal as it hardens. Caulking can be made from many different materials, including latex-based caulks like silicone or butyl rubber or acrylic-based caulks like polyurethane foam.

Ulsh & Co. Masonry Restoration has the experience and training to ensure your project, no matter the size is completed to your complete satisfaction. From simple mortar patching to full waterproofing, stucco patching to patio/walkways and Chimney Repair, you have our family guarantee it'll be done right BY LOCALS WITH PRIDE IN THEIR ROOTS OF PHILADELPHIA-AREA MASONRY.

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