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A leaky, broken chimney


If the chimney is not properly maintained, it can cause immense damage to the internal structure of your home as well as pose a fire hazard. We will inspect and repair the exterior of the chimney so that you don't have to worry about any structural or safety risk in the immediate or long-term time frame!

Image by john xiao
Image by john xiao

Unseen issues can be catastrophic.

The Chimney Repair process begins by inspecting the chimney for any signs of damage before making repairs. Damaged mortar may be repaired by adding new mortar or removing excess material, which may then be patched with a suitable patching material or left un-repaired if less than an inch of brick is affected.

You should ENJOY your fireplace, not stress about it!

Damaged bricks are typically replaced with new bricks, but if this is not possible due to excessive cracks in the wall surrounding the brick, they are removed and new bricks are inserted into place of them. All joints should be checked for loose masonry that could affect their integrity and stability before repairs commence on other areas on the chimneys exterior surface such as top caps, crowns, shields or facings which can also experience wear that weakens their structural integrity over time through normal wear-and-tear like weathering

Image by Clint Patterson

Ulsh & Co. Masonry Restoration has the experience and training to ensure your project, no matter the size is completed to your complete satisfaction. From simple mortar patching to full waterproofing, stucco patching to patio/walkways and Chimney Repair, you have our family guarantee it'll be done right BY LOCALS WITH PRIDE IN THEIR ROOTS OF PHILADELPHIA-AREA MASONRY.

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