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Brick Replacement & Brick Installation  

Brick replacement is necessary when bricks are failing and cannot be remedied with brick patching. In this situation we can match the bricks and mortar to the structure for a seamless repair. In the event where you need to fill a gap where something previously existed such as a window, door or air conditioner unit we can do a brick installation also creating a seamless match and repair.

Image by Eric Prouzet

Finding the application that's right for your situation is VERY important.

Whether it's a couple broken bricks or an entire wall section, brick REPLACEMENT continues to be the standard for ensuring the integrity of a vertical structure stays in-place for many years after the repair has been completed, alleviating worry and further expenditures.

Image by Harpal Singh
Image by Jonathan Simcoe

Don't let anyone tell you there aren't options!

One of the most important rules that Ulsh & Co. Masonry Restoration goes by is honesty and transparency. You can count on our company to give you as many options based on our findings as possible.

Ulsh & Co. Masonry Restoration has the experience and training to ensure your project, no matter the size is completed to your complete satisfaction. From simple mortar patching to full waterproofing, stucco patching to patio/walkways and Chimney Repair, you have our family guarantee it'll be done right BY LOCALS WITH PRIDE IN THEIR ROOTS OF PHILADELPHIA-AREA MASONRY.

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